Eternalife Productions


Eternalife Productions was founded by Andrew Mabry in 2001. ELP originally started out as just an audio production company and later began offering video and web services. Part of what makes ELP special is that Andrew, a native Austinite, is a well rounded musician that can play many different types of instruments and he has a broad understanding audio, video and web and of how they relate
to each other. This gives ELP an advantage over other companies in that we can do all the work required and
rarely need 3 party assistance.

We make websites that are extremely user friendly, that function perfectly with different browsers and most importantly are easily indexed by major search engines. We build not only custom database driven websites but we also offer custom web applications such as e-commerce, calendars, digital downloads, training systems, product inventory, real estate listings, project management systems and more.

Some of the different types of work ELP is involved in include

  • Audio
    • Recording Bands, Solo Artists and Hip Hop Emcees
    • Producing custom beats and tracks
    • Mixing and Mastering of outside audio recordings
  • Video
    • Videotaping Live Musical Performances
    • Producing edited video compositions for the WEB
    • Editing and Producing various video projects
  • Web

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.